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Suggested reading:The Quality of Researchers' Searches of the ERIC Database.
Announcing:newERIC/AE Abstracts in Progress - Now you can search an experimental database of abstracts for the most recent articles and papers on assessment, evaluation, research methods and learning theory.

Research in Education and Current Index to Journals in Education

RIE is ERIC's bibliographic database of 950,000 + conference papers, reports, instructional materials, research articles, and other materials. CIJE is the journal article bibliographic database. The list of journals covered by CIJE is available from Oryx Press.
Note: Many web browsers do not support telnet or TN3270.

How to order documents

ERIC references with an ED number are from ERIC's Resources in Education database and are typically research papers and other monographs. Almost all of these documents are available on microfiche at the ERIC Resource Collections located in over 1000 academic libraries and centers worldwide. You can also order these documents from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS).

You can order "ED" documents -- as microfiche, print, fax, or electronic copy --either by phone (800 443-3742; 703 440-1400) or on line, through EDRS (http://edrs.com) or The Search ERIC Wizard. Fax order and other delivery service are available. Cost: $4.08 for 25 pages (Since Jan. 1, 1997).

"ED" documents are also available on microfiche from more than 1000 locations worldwide. To find the location nearest you, call ACCESS ERIC at 1-800-LET-ERIC, or look it up on line.

ERIC references to journal articles not in your local library can be ordered though interlibrary loan, or CARL (http://www.carl.org/).

The ERIC System website has a FAQ with more information about the ERIC database.

RIE & CIJE | Other ERIC databases | Digests | Resources | Announcements

Other ERIC databases

RIE & CIJE | Other ERIC databases | Resources | Announcements

ERIC Digests

Digests are short reports that synthesize research and ideas about emerging issues in education. They are designed to help members of the educational community keep up-to-date with trends and new developments. ERIC Digests are in the public domain and may be freely copied and distributed. Each digest goes through several rounds of editing and review and are about 4 pages long, 10-15K bytes. As of January 2000, there were over 1900 Digests in the Digest database.

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    You can use either sets (preferred) or boolean logic (or, and ) to construct your query. With sets, put parentheses around each set and commas between terms. Space is an implied AND. For example, ("self concept","self esteem") college will find references to ("self concept" OR "self esteem") AND college. Phrases must be in quotes (e.g. "self concept") or you can put a hyphen between the terms within a phrase (e.g. self-concept). We encourage you to use the Wizard (http://ericae.net/scripts/ewiz) to formulate your search. You can limit the search to Digests.

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Via Gopher
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RIE & CIJE | Other ERIC databases | Digests | Resources | Announcements


  • ERIC/AE will join the Educational Measurement and Statistics Department of the University of Maryland, College Park (1/00).
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  • RIE and CIJE are now available on low cost CD-ROM. For more information go to The ERIC Facility (800)-799-3742, the distributor, or National Information Services Corporation (NISC), the developer.

RIE & CIJE | Other ERIC databases | Digests | Resources | Announcements

Recommended Resources

  • Want to search the ERIC database? Try the Search ERIC Wizard.
  • Want to see how an expert searches? Try our pre-packaged searches.
  • Need to order a document? Check out the ERIC FAQs.
  • Need help searching ERIC? Try the AskERIC e-mail service.
  • Want to learn more about ERIC? Check our ERIC System Home Page.

  • Need to find a local ERIC Collection? Look a local provider in the Directory of ERIC Resource Collections
  • Need a phone number? Call 1-800-LET ERIC.
  • Want to contact us? e-mail feedback3@ericae.net

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